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This is my favorite author Alex Michaelides. He is British and spent many years on Cyprus because he was so interested in Greek Mythology. Not only did he study English literature, but also Psychology. All of these interests of his are seen in his work. He includes Greel

Mythology in his psychological thrillers, for example, "The Silent Patient". "The silent Patient" is a New York Best Seller. It is about a woman, who was a famous painter, was found guilty of murdering her own husband! Ever since then, she has not spoken a word at all. Until a new psychotheaprist wants to help her after many years.

This story of course includes some Greek Mythology, like Alcestis. This book is good that it is being turned into a film! Alex Michaelidos always dreamed of creating a book. Alex Michaelides is now creating the script for the upcoming film and screenwriting!